Promise the Truth

Originally introduced by a mutual friend, Jason has worked with Arizona-based pop/R&B artist Promise The Truth, whom Jason has written for and co-produced. Promise has worked alongside world-renowned producers and writers such as Ced Solo, the Platinum Producer for Genuine, Anthony Hamilton, and Kelly Rolland. He has also written for, and recorded songs by, P Diddy’s go-to writer, “Lo”.

Jason’s instrumental and composing expertise combined with Promise’s exceptional vocal skills and great understanding of urban/R&B sound production led to a unique blend of classical, pop, and R&B sound- all in a radio-friendly package. Their first song, Overtime, was considered by NBC for placement in a sports show. Ultimately, this fell through, but the duo continued to write and record, which led to quite a few local performances in AZ, and by early 2015, Promise and Jason had gotten radio airplay on their single “A Millions Signs”. A Million Signs charted as high as #35 on the R and B charts, and quickly garnered more than 200,000 views on YouTube. Around the same time, Jason and Promise also recorded “Like California”, an upbeat song that Jason plays primarily on electric guitar, again showing his versatility in creating songs. It was also during this time that Jason and Promise were introduced to James Linton, musician, engineer, and owner of Soundwaves Productions, a professional studio in Arizona.  Jason and James have gone on to collaborate on other projects, including One World Government with Paul Barrett.