Dream Eternal Bliss

After leaving Days Before Tomorrow to move cross-country from New Jersey to Arizona, Jason pursued other projects. While having success with other various collaborations, Jason stayed friendly with the members of Days Before Tomorrow, and ironically has made a guest appearance on every album since his departure.

Eventually, however, Days Before Tomorrow did go on hiatus, and two band members decided to do something a little different. Bandmates Scott Kahn and Derek Davodowich began to plot the next chapter of their musical journey, by pursuing something more commercially appealing; this is what became Dream Eternal Bliss.

After positive reviews of the first album, there were band lineup changes, and a new singer, Faith Banca, joined the band. The second album was released…and after initial success, the pandemic hit, putting things on temporary hold.

It was around this time a new lineup was created, featuring Faith, Scott, and Derek, but now with former DBT bandmate Jason, as well as Dominic Guss. Given the geographical distances involved, and the pandemic, it took quite some time to finally complete- but in 2023, the EP Sunset to Stars was finally released! Jason again contributed heavily to the writing on the album, and of course, performed on the recording as well.

Here is “Last Ounce Of Strength” from the Sunset to Stars EP:

Here is “Control” from the Sunset to Stars EP: