One World Government

Gods of Eden Was placed on the Official Ballot for the 61st Annual Grammy Awards by the Recording Academy!

While working with James Linton of Soundwaves Productions for the Promise sessions, Jason and James developed a friendship as well as a musical connection. Jason was asked to collaborate with James and Paul Barrett, founder and lead singer of One World Government. Sonically influenced by Pink Floyd, Rush, and The Doors, the fusion of alternative, progressive, psychedelic and classic rock is often marked by lyrics of conspiracy, humanism, and spirituality.

Several videos from the first album- Souls for Robots and Spiritual Cage- Jason appeared in. Jason’s ability to work in many genres, as well as experience in orchestrating keyboard and string parts, proved invaluable to the next One World Government album release. In fact, Jason was not only asked to finish the album with Paul and James, but was asked to be the keyboardist of all subsequent albums and live performances.  Thus far, the band has been very well received by fans and critics, and the Spiritual Cage video has even had some success overseas in Switzerland. Certainly, one of the highlights was that OWG was placed on the Official Ballot for the 61st Annual Grammy Awards by The Recording Academy for Record Of The Year, Best New Artist, and Best Rock Performance!

The most recent album, Eagles and Serpents, was successfully released, and expanded upon One World Government’s sonic landscape. See photos and videos below!

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